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49 thoughts on “★ Get much more views utilizing Reddit!”

  1. Reddit is one of those sites I haven't really gotten into yet. I still find it a bit confusing to understand at first and there isn't many ways to learn how everything works. I'm hoping I can eventually learn about it.

  2. Some of the reddits wont allow you to post videos. So could you go in a bit more detail on how to do this? I tried to put a video on one of them, that related to it, (the CSGO reddit) but it wouldnt allow me to place a video on it. 

  3. I use reddit and I've been using reddit since I started youtube, and I get around 50-100 views per video, and thats with how bad I think my videos are and how badly I title the videos when I post them

  4. A friend of mine posted to reddit a few months back when I created a small Rant video about the Destiny DLC mostly being on the CD already. This gained me a huge amount of views and has kept my video on the first page of "Destiny Rant" since then. The rant was talking about how players will need to rebuy content they already have on the CD (Paid to unlock) – even if it was classed as "unfinished" by the developer and how bad this is for the Games Industry. Since then, with it being on the front search page, I've seen a huge amount of views to this video, a massive amount of watch time and on Boxing day I saw that 600 – 700 views happened on one day alone.

    Reddit can work, if you understand how it operates. However, there are drawbacks that a lot of subreddits do not like certain videos that are "promotion" to certain channels. If its news worthy, or related to what happens in that sub reddit, chances are it will be alright, if not and people see it as a way of you trying to gain views/subscribers, it can work against you and you could see downvoting done on your video. Risk/Reward, so if you think its worth it, go for it. Just read the rules and respect those rules 🙂

  5. I have used Reddit a couple of times and I don't think it helped me too much. Yeah, my posts got a 1 up vote, but no feedback and when I had looked at the videos posted there, none of the views seem to come from there. So I haven't posted there in about 4 weeks now and my videos get seen more by other ways via youtube and such… mostly from youtube. I guess it could be a hit and miss type of thing, but personally, I don't think it's a place to promote my videos.

  6. As a minecraft channel, I use to help my videos get more views.
    On youtube for me it's hard at the moment to "get out of the water", that's why i'm trying to use more specific sites for my channel.

    P.s.: thank you +Freedom!  for the partnership; i will try to do my best!

  7. You really shouldn't go spamming reddit with your content, most sub reddits even have rules about individuals posting your own content. What George mentions is fine though. There might be sub reddits that could enjoy your content, but most of the time unless it is specific to that sub reddit I wouldn't post it. I.E a planetside 2 guide in the planetside 2 sub reddit. 🙂

  8. Reddit been hit or miss (mostly miss) for me. Some pose on there will get a huge hit but moat oof the time they do nothing for me. and yes i did try to be part of the community.

  9. Hi George, Uplink Gaming Community is a community channel which wants to help small youtubers grow, obviously the things we need to do this are subscribers and videos. How do you think we should go about growing our community channel without a lot of video submissions from small youtubers.

  10. I'm with +Kratos Aurion Plays down there –  first getting into Reddit is like starting with a category out of billions, then eventually finding a sub-sub-sub-sub category to comment on 😀  That's just how it seems at first – like finding a particular article in a newspaper with no headlines.  I know the first thing that should be said about Reddit is they take their "Reddiquette" very seriously.  Go in there spamming your vids without getting to know everybody first and becoming part of the community and you will be destroyed – like, pwned mercilessly 😀  The thing George is talking about here is someone in Reddit making a relevant post on topic involving something from Freedom and the Reddit people checking it out in turn – but that means someone who's already known in the community, well respected and worth listening to.  If you have friends like that in the reddit community that know when and where to post something of yours on topic then this could have amazing results for your Channel.

  11. Hey +Freedom! I would love To Get some of this great gear i been hearing about and would love to be apart of MGN Please give me some feedback on my video's i just started a new series of Minecraft dinasours 

  12. Just a reminder to READ most of the subreddits' rules you plan on posting to and keep in mind there's a general rule on Reddit that you have to have most of your contributions (80% or more) NOT self-promotion or you'll get banned.
    Just spamming your videos all over the place will bring you nothing but hate and lots of banned accounts.

  13. +George Vanous George man i have a big idea for you, what u think u and ur dev team do a tool to help ppl publish their videos and whatever they want in the social media ?

    what i mean is exemple: u logon with ur facebook in the tool and there u have the option to publish in ur main page and chose the groups u want to publish this to, plus u can chose the time between each post (so in the facebock case dont think u are spaming in the groups) with this the guy who lose 1h to publish in all his groups go do this in probably one hour too but go lose 10 minutes to customize the publish and go do other things

    u can do this for tweter and tumblr and whatever media out there

    so what you think ??

    if need some help or more ppl to ur dev team u can call me too im bacharel in system information (i dont know is the same name out there but i know programing.

    so waiting ur answer 😛

  14. You have to use reddit carefully; the users are pretty picky in regards to content. The TSM post got some backlash. Although ~85% of the votes were upvotes, the video got a lot of dislikes. Furthermore, the top comments were insulting George (you can see in the video he minimized the first two comments). So I suggest treading with caution. 

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