Brief educational online video about the heritage & a deeper look into programming languages, manufactured as an assignment for the Prague University. Heritage of Programming …


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49 thoughts on “Background Of Programming (Educational Movie)”

  1. Just no. Boring delivery, screwed up and incomplete timeline, mispronunciation of simple terms like "compiler" and some flat-out misinformation. To you kids watching this and just starting out with programming, it doesn't have to be boring! In fact, I've had several amazing teachers in high school and college that were super enthusiastic and made it really fun. Programming actually has a very fascinating history — just find a better place to learn about it than this sleeper of a video, lol. I'm sure the guy had good intentions, and I don't mean to be a dick… but c'mon dude — do your research first and put some enthusiasm into it!

  2. The speaker/narrator has NO programming experience – I am only a beginner and I know the difference between a compiler and a complier. If you watch this. a COMPILER is a program that converts a human/programming language into Binary for the computer to understand. NOT A COMPLIER. An example of someone getting paid to read something they know sod-all about!

  3. Address Programming Language was created in 1955 by Ekaterina Yushchenko . Unlike Fortran and ALGOL 60, APL supported indirect dressing of higher ranks. Indirect addressing is a mechanism that appeared in other programming languages much later (1963-1965rr)

  4. Uhmm? Well, darn it! Rather weak and on top of that in a monotone that one could use to cure insomnia. Likely a sincere effort but maybe we need to do the narration over?? Thanks and best of luck.

  5. This video is just flat out wrong. So many things in this video are simply incorrect other than pronunciation. You can read off Wikipedia articles all day long but I would bet money that if you don't know that code needs to be compiled and not complied then you probably don't even know what it means for an "obsolete" language like C to be portable. Please know what you're talking about before attempting to create educational material. We don't need the miseducated corrupting the clean slates that are uneducated who are attempting to learn. This comment isn't meant to hurt feelings, this is meant to improve the creator and warn the watcher.

  6. C is the most portable language, and is important to learn in order to maintain legacy code.

    Ojective-C is actually a true superset of C, though.

    C and Java fight for first place popular language.

  7. Not bad.
    One quick note: C is not obsolete. Many of it's functions have been superseded by it's derivatives (C++, C#, Java, et al), but these languages aren't compatible with C.
    More importantly, C is still one of the most widely used languages in existence (maybe THE most widely used).

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