47 thoughts on “BEWARE! Don't Sell SEO As A Digital Marketing Agency”

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I've been trying to figure out how to package the SEO services I offer. Fortunately, from watching this video, I know exactly what to do. Sell SEO as a specialization, break down the key components of SEO and sell those services separately, and also offer a full package at an appropriate price.

  2. Hey man, really enjoyed the video.

    Quick question – after making a website – should you upsell PPC first or SEO?

    The thing is – PPC might be more straightforward but for PPC you technically don't need a website (because you are creating landing pages) while moving to SEO is a natural progression since you are ranking the website you just made. On the other hand, with PPC the clients might turn around and ask: "Well, why did we need the website in the first place?"

    What do you think?

  3. This is why we don't do just SEO we build the website because it obviously makes no sense to try and grow from someone else's work. If they knew what they were doing they wouldn't have hired us. LOL

  4. Hey! Isit possible to do smma from home? Because I see some smm owners travelling the world and still doing it! Been looking for the answe for about 2 months now.โค๏ธ love your vids

  5. I got a quick question for you Ruan . So for your $1000/mo client running fb ads, is that client paying you $1000 to run the ads plus the adspend? Or does that $1000 include the adspend? And if so, how much of that $1000 are you spending on the ads/how much money are you taking in that isn't going directly to Facebook?. I've been advised to take a 20%-30% cut of the adspend as my fee. So if the client spends $1000 then $700-$800 of that is actually spent on the cpc and the remaining 200-300 goes to me. Any additional startup costs, photography, etc.. To make the ads would be added on top of the monthly retainer. What are your thoughts on that? And what is your process?

  6. Good vid. Honestly we'll see a downturn of all the social media platforms as far as organic traffic goes over the next couple years. Focusing on Search Engine Marketing(SEM which is the real big daddy as opposed to SEO which is a subset) will give you more options for packaging our services to clients. Also, your vid is Great as opposed to good Ruan. I've really enjoyed your content as I catch it and congratulations on your success. Keep it up!

  7. Glad to see a good example of how an agency should look at it's evolution.

    Here's what my takeaway was. Let me know what your thoughts on this are.

    Specialize get the skill set down,
    constantly communicate with the client,
    get results in what was promised,
    Then upsell other sections of SEO
    Then add other services.
    Ppc, social media etc.

    Now you've evolved into a full service agency and true account management.

    I learn a long time ago it's better to build great relationships with current clients and expand verticals /upsell, than churn /burn them.

    Again great job. I need to start my channel showing how account management plays into digital marketing.

  8. Why do you only do 5 directory submissions per month? can't we do them all at once in the first month? I'm guessing not. Please explain.

    Also, where do services like whitespark, yext, or brightlocal fit in when discussing directories?

  9. Your videos are very technical. Its funny because the content on your channel has thought me more about SEO than any course or degree i did in college.

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