I share some really cool SEO data from one of our website to show how well our articles are ranking, and also look at why some of my articles didn’t rank as well …


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50 thoughts on “I Got 73% of My Articles to Rank #1 on Google (SEO Tips)”

  1. Hello and good afternoon! I just recently discovered you both and really appreciate the valuable information that you have provided us! Do you think you'll be doing another similar webinar again soon?

  2. I'm curious about the bounce rate of almost 84% that's not a great sign to Google in terms of engagement or am I missing something? I thought bounce rate was a very important factor for establishing authority, Clearly, you're getting the visitors and looking at the GA they are staying on the site for over 2 minutes so just wondering why the bounce rate so high.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

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  6. Hi guys, love the channel. Been binge watching your content for the last few days 🙂 I built a website a couple of years back and have just been playing with it ever since. Averaging 10k views a month but can't seem to rank very well for several of my key posts. Would you be willing to take a look at a single post and give me some advice? I'm not quite sure I'm understanding exactly how to climb the Google ladder for relevant key words. All the best. Adam

  7. One thing that would be helpful is coming up with a more exact method for determining competition before we write articles. The KGR has helped me figure these sorts of things out, but I feel it offers me an incomplete picture.

  8. That is amazing. Ranking number 1 on a post in 3 hours is mindblowing. I've recently joined project 24 and written 16 posts in 4 weeks. At the moment I am writing to a ghost town, but watching videos like this make me feel that I'm on the right track. Thanks, Guys.

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