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50 thoughts on “The Weird DARPA/Facebook “Coincidence” You Never Heard About”

  1. Not all tech start-ups are begun by CIA front companies.. those that aren't, however seem to get killed off… think MySpace and MyFamily… earlier startups that were gathering users, then all of a sudden…..

  2. Look at darpa.It hired millions of scientists from former Soviet union.Indeed google and Amazon a d half of Microsoft patents were created by Russian mathematicians and scientists.Just like NASA was whit Germans

  3. Here’s one for you. My mother gave a tablet that I’d never even saw before. I did a factory reset and when it was finished I connected to my wifi. It asked me if I want to use MY EMAIL PROFILE or start a new profile. How in the fuck did this tablet know who I am????? So that’s when I realized that everyone has a digital profile. Everyone is recorded and tracked. I asked multiple people who are technology savvy as I am not and none of them could explain this.

  4. You know that they have been doing this crap since they created GPS is 68 Vietnam. Every auto manufactured in the country since 1978 has been required to have a GPS system on their autos. They know where you drive how far each day, the gas mileage you get. when you bought and sold the car etc.

  5. I must admit to rolling my eyes a lot lately, but this is creepily plausible. Facebook does sound a lot like that LifeLog program. We also know that the CIA likes to stalk university students for recruitment.

  6. FBI says they don't believe in coincidences, wonder why. It's time to take the world back from these greedy elitists and the and the ones they serve. We are the people and this is our home

  7. It isn't just Facebook. The CIA has taken control over all cell phone companies and businesses that offer free email services, to spy on all phones and all emails. Then Google tracks every website we visit and log into when we are signed into Google. Since no one would ever intentionally do that, Google bought websites like YouTube so that when we sign in to YouTube or other websites that they own, they can then do all that tracking while we are logged in.

  8. Supposedly the CIA played Suckerburg at a party with some harlots and 'put the right engineer people' at the scene of inception in order to convince him that he was the creator of this older technology. He was chosen and groomed as a stooge; irony.

  9. Is Facebook stocks plummeting like the buzz has been here on internet? ie, Diamond & Silk report it. Considering how much social engineering Trump relies on Facebook, I wonder if CIA is making a money heist from its backdoor, so to speak, and that is why stocks are plummeting – not because Facebook ZuckFace (who is probably William T Morris, who destroyed tens of thousands of computers in 1989 and GHW Bush said "Good job") is actually facing justice. See what I mean?

  10. Stop being brainwashed by a fictional corporation wake-up understand you have more rights and stop contracting with agency's get your life back give them back all their papers and tell them they have no authority over man and woman of America. Its that easy folks.

  11. Hopefully all this data will be used to make the world a better and safer place for all of us. The downside, if this information is used to manipulate people and events.

  12. The Vatican was known to have one of best intelligence gathering apparatus throughout history for a reason. What's facebook, when the person would confess in person to someone on the other side listening to all their secrets being expressed from their very own mouth. The eye which sees all.

  13. And the US media lead people to believe that China and Russia are the kings of spying. The US government is the supreme OVERLORD when it comes to spying.

  14. SPEAKING OF WHICH: Forgot where, but read that Google got some startup funding in part by one of the alphabet agencies. It might have been the CIA or NSA. I forget. Upshot: Be wary of Google products. How to avoid is a huge problem, though.

  15. your confirmation bias got you. Facebook used to be a facebook for colleges, at the beginning it was only for harvard and then select few colleges, you couldnt sign up with any email

  16. I cannot believe every American isn't outraged at all this. These programs are in no way different than Germany's Stazi program. What's worse is we have up all that information freely. I'm afraid that until our freedoms are hindered in a severe way we won't understand how important personal privacy is. I am so afraid for our future and what we will do to ourselves.

  17. Another interesting connection between dates and events was in 1947. The year when aliens crashed.

    Aliens crashed in July 1947. And about 2 months later in September" National Security Act of 1947" was passed. It was a major act that really changed a lot when it comes to US military or rather what we know now as military-industrial complex.

    Many agencies and departments were created at that moment. For instance: Department of Defense, National Security Council and of course well known and evil Central Intelligence Agency.

  18. I’ve had a FAKEBOOK account for years along with FAKE friends and a FAKE biography. I’ve also sent a DNA sample to that genealogy website. Turns out my dog is from a royal bloodline.

  19. 07-28-2018: Using I sent a test message (private) through FB to a friend. The message logs any ips that click a link I sent. 4 bots (displayed IPs) from FB interacted with the link. Try it yourself and see. They have overstepped (and are currently overstepping).

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